Processed organic products: Mediterranean aroma!


“The Mediterranean Diet….meaning the total of skills, knowledge, rituals, symbolisms and traditions that extend from the ecosystem to the table and in the Mediterranean basin referring to cultivations, harvesting, picking, fishing, animal feeding, preservation, processing, cooking and especially the communal use and consumption of its kitchen”. – UNESCO.

The Mediterranean diet is greatly overwhelmed by gastronomic suggestions and choises. The biodiversity in combination with the local traditions and habits of the Mediterranean societies is imprinted to all the expressions of the Mediterranean kitchen, as a result of the constant human effort to live in harmony with the environment.

For hundred centuries, the Mediterranean people have developed unique fusions, recipes and ways of food preparation and preservation having one and only goal: to maintain fully intact and available their nutritional qualities during the whole year.


Based on organic farming products and traditional preparation and preservation recipes, we are able to enjoy the flavor, the taste and the value of the products given by the Mediterranean land and create unique and special combinations.

  • Organic pasta (pâté) by Kalamon Olives, based on the traditional recipe, the absolute appetizer, side dish or gastronomy ingredient.
  • Kalamon Organic Olives: the most famous olive in the world, preserved in brine or olive oil, keeping the entire rich taste.
  • Green Organic Olives: rich, slightly salted and very tasteful in brine or olive oil.
  • Organic caper in olive oil: crunchy, delicious with minimum calories and numerous antioxidants, vitamins and dietary fibers.
  • Selected sun dried tomatoes, prepared in the traditional way.