Organic products by Crocus Kozani: Precious!


“The crocus-dressed dawn revealing from the big Ocean stream, to bring the light to immortals and mortals, and it was arriving on the ships with the gifts of God”. – Homer Iliad, Rhapsody T.

The crocus, the so-called gold of the Greek land, is classified among the most valuable and precious seasonings of ancient civilizations thanks to its flavor, color, pharmaceutical and aphrodisiac qualities. The unique cultivation area in Greece is the region of Kozani, in specific villages (Krokos, Karyditsa, Agia Paraskevi, Ano Komi, Kato Komi, Lefkopigi, Petrana etc) where the plant is systematically cultivated for many many years.

The inhabitants of the area plant the Crocus every summer and, in autumn, they extract with their hands the precious stigmas of the beautiful flower and dry them carefully in order to become dark red thin threads. Approximately 50.000 stigmas are needed for 100gr of red crocus. The crocus or Greek saffron, as frequently called, is considered to be the best saffron quality in the whole world.

The coloring, flavoring, seasoning and pharmaceutical qualities of crocus are due to two basic (active) ingredients, picrocrocin and crocin. Other crocus components are lycopene, zeaxanthin, carrotene a-b and c, vitamin B and B2, carbohydrates and essential oil.

Crocus Kozani, recognized as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO 1999), is in many ways useful in cooking, pastry making, as raw material for other food and drinks and in painting, thanks to its unique color that is described by Homer.

One of the uses is in beverages with dried herbs and the addition of crocus Kozani. Based on traditional recipes, the organic Crocus beverages, hot or cold, are always recommended thanks to their taste, energy, well-being and combined nutritional value.

You may taste some:

  • Organic Black Tea with Lemon, Peppermint and Crocus Kozani
  • Organic Beverage with Rosemary, Thyme, Crocus Kozani and selected herbs
  • Organic Beverage with Menthe, Lemon-scented verbena Crocus Kozani and selected herbs
  • Organic Beverage with Cinnamon, Clove, Crocus Kozani and selected herbs
  • Organic Beverage with Honey, Orange, Crocus Kozani and selected herbs