Mediterranean Diet: A way of life!

Since 2013, the Mediterranean Diet is registered in the Representative List of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

The Mediterranean Diet is considered to be a multidimensional commodity that includes agriculture and fishery, agricultural products and food, production methods, preparation of food, countryside, human and local communities. It is a social practice of knowledge, methods and traditions transmitted from one generation to the next, throughout time and space, remaining closely related to history, tradition, culture, habits and customs. Above all, it is a personal and social experience: meaning hospitality, good neighborliness, intercultural dialogue and creativity, meaning way of life with respect to differentiation. 

However, undoubtedly the Mediterranean Diet is based on foods. The recommended nutritional model contains the regular consumption of mainly organic foods with high nutritional value indexes as follows:

  • Olive oil as main source of fats
  • Daily consumption of dairy products, especially cheese
  • Frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables, spices and seasonings slightly processed in natural and traditional way
  • Daily consumption of legumes and dried fruits.

Every time you consume organic products, in compliance with the Mediterranean Diet model, you can be sure that this is great for the environment, the animal well-being and the local communities – and of course for you and your family.